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Team Bundol Mountaineers conquer Atnayan Falls-Part 3

WE FOLLOWED the wrong route on our trek to Atnayan Falls. Instead of heading straight to Atnayan, we were sidetracked to Malbato and Pinagturan one fateful afternoon. When we realized that we were headed...


The Road to Atnayan Falls: Alabel’s Hidden Gem-Part II

WHEN PEOPLE ask me what my town boasts, I would speak of its being the capital town of Sarangani Province where the magnificent provincial capitol building stands proud as the White House of the...


Team Bundol Mountaineers Atnayan Falls Adventure-Part 1

The Beginning WHEN THIS year opened, I swore to myself to get involved in different worthwhile activities. I started running and even organized a fun run, traveled to several provinces and cities last summer,...