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In Our Own Little Ways

In the past three years, I have been going up the mountains with a group of young people from my neighborhood in Alabel.  What I had in mind when I started was simply to take a break from the arduous tasks of being a teacher (and some other hats I chose to wear). I did […]

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Social Media for Social Change

WE HAVE varied views about social media. Just recently, I was appalled by the statement of a celebrity that what everyone in social networking sites do is only to spread rumors or to bash other people. Well, yes, there are a lot of these kinds of people online, but not everyone does just that. Admit it, at […]

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It’s Hard to be a Kid in Kiahe

I still can’t sleep well at night. Images from last week’s visit to a far-flung community keep flashing in my subconscious reality, a recurring dream of familiar faces, piteous stares, and gushing water. We visited Sitio Kiahe last week for a community outreach with Team BUNDOL Mountaineers. We helped a friend, Rosilie Lim, in giving school […]

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lyn lambago

Lyn Lambago: Sarangani’s Dream Dancer

The T’boli tribe must have a fixation for dreams. In Lake Sebu, South Cotabato, the T’boli women who weave the famous t’nalak cloth are able to create the colorful designs after a trip to neverland, earning them the moniker, dreamweavers. Not very far from home, in Barangay Badtasan, Kiamba, Sarangani Province, there is a woman […]

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The Undying Filipino Spirit in Games

What’s with betting on “superheroes” in the online world? Filipinos are generally known throughout the world to have the desirable blend of an easy-going bunch and the ultra-competitive, aggressive heroes who are out to prove that a super typhoon like Yolanda can’t and won’t break their will. This indomitable spirit is reflected in every Filipino; a […]

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Civet Coffee: More Than Just a Cup Coffee

KNOWN IN the world of coffee drinkers as Kopi Luwak, Kafe Balos, or Kape Alamid, civet coffee is probably the most expensive cup of coffee you can find in the menu of coffee shops in the world. In some coffee shops inGenSan, a cup could cost up to Php 300 (about $6). In the US, it could go as high $50 per cup. […]

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