The Great Glan Gourmet Getaway: Beyond Beaches and Heritage Houses

There is more to the quaint little town of Glan in Sarangani Province than white sand beaches and heritage houses. We recently took a tour around Glan and stumbled upon a wonderful visual and gastronomic journey. Here are eight of the stops we made along the way:


1. Belmar Eco-Park

If you are traveling with your family, especially with kids, Belmar Eco-Park is a must. With a great vantage view of Sarangani Bay and the many things to see here, it would be totally worth stopping by. Kids will enjoy the animals in their zoo including a hundred-pounder albino python, Philippine monkeys, and eagles. You can also cool down with their famous buko-halo, while enjoying the Sarangani Bay breeze. Or if you are stopping by in the afternoon, they also serve lomi noodle soup in huge bowls. You read it right, their serving is quite huge.


belmar ecopark

belmar eco-park glan sarangani



2. Lanai 1687

Looking for a new place to enjoy good food and refreshing view of Sarangani Bay? Lanai 1687 at Km 1687, Kapatan, Glan, Sarangani Province is one of the newest places to visit. (So you now know where the name was derived.)Perfect for barkadas and families who want to taste something different. Their food choices include a variety of Filipino dishes fused with Western cuisine. They require a minimum order of Php 100 pesos per guest. At Lanai 1687 you are treated to a view of Sarangani Bay, and, if you are brave and lucky enough, you could experience their boardwalk, a few hundred steps down from the dining area. Yes, it’s worth all the trouble.

3. Carlito’s Cafe

carlito's cafe

Pleasant Surprise: These are fried Oreos. Yes, Oreo cookies! I tasted it first here at Carlito’s Cafe in Glan Padidu, Glan, Sarangani Province. It’s a perfect match to Choco Java Chip Frappe. Their pasta dishes and grilled cheeses are also worth trying. Found along the highway in Glan Padidu, Carlito’s Cafe is a good place to chill.

Now, if you want to burn the calories you’ve gained, you may also take the bamboo board walk challenge through the mangroove sanctuary of Glan Padidu.

Mangove nursery


4. Shangri-La Bar / European Restaurant

Did you know that Glan has a restaurant that serves authentic European dishes? With the Sarangani Bay in the background, Shangri-La Bar/European Restaurant in Tango, Glan, Sarangani Province is one of its kind in Southern Mindanao. It’s a little hard to find so when you are in Tango area, make sure you slow down and look at the right side of the road. It is located beside Seafront Resort. (IN PHOTO) We tried their Hawaiian Pizza (upper Left), T-bone steak with mashed potato (upper right), Pork Chop with cheese (lower left) and English potato fries, and pork ribs (lower right).

Shangri-la Restaurant

5. Glanian Breakfast

Here’s what a true blue Glanian breakfast is like: (clockwise from top left) Pan Bisaya with Sikwate (chocolate beverage), Moron, Puto Maya, Torta, Bahundak (Indonesian delicacy similar to our suman; Glan is close to Indonesia) with ripe mangoes. These food items were bought from various local stores in Glan. Asking locals would be your best clue to finding these treasures.

6. King James Hotel

A lunch fit for a king: Visit King James Hotel for this mouth-watering seafood feast. Clockwise from top left: Crab in ginger sauce, grilled tuna belly, shrimp in sweet and sour sauce, steamed lapu-lapu, grilled tuna panga, and tuna kinilaw. In the middle, that’s sinigang na sugpo.

King James Hotel Glan

8. Isla Jardin del Mar


isla jardin del mar

A seafood lover’s delight: Isla Jardin del Mar offers scrumptious seafood dishes. Clockwise from top: Garlic Shrimp, Diana Steak, Shrimp Gambas, and Tuna Kinilaw. Hidden from view: Cetirizine

Isla Jardin del Mar is the only resort hotel in Gumasa area that is accredited by the department of tourism. You are assured that your satisfaction will not be compromised here.


Next time you visit Glan, make sure you stop by these places and enjoy your very own Great Glan Gourmet Getaway!


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