Glan’s Lubi-Lubi Festival 2015 Schedule of Activities

White sand beaches. Century-old houses. Coconuts.

These are what the town of Glan in the province of Sarangani is widely known for, earning it the moniker, Tour Town Glan. Celebrating its 101st Founding Anniversary, the municipality of Glan holds its 16th Lubi-Lubi Festival on October 1-8, 2015 with a lineup of events that you shouldn’t dare miss.

Lubi-lubi festival

Here is a schedule of events featured in the festival:

lubi-lubi festival schedule of events

This year, the street dancing competition is to watch out for. A total of Php 1 Million is at stake for a two-day street dancing competition dubbed as Isang Siglo at Isa sa Glan. On October 7, dance groups from the different barangays of Glan will compete in the Inter-Barangay category. In this category, contingents are expected to be wearing costumes that are made mainly from coconut parts.

Contingents from various cities and municipalities in Mindanao are traveling to Glan October 8 for the Street Dancing Open Category. It will be a festival of festivals, so to speak.



One significant event also happening this year is the 100th anniversary of Glan Central Elementary School. Alumni are staging a four-day reunion beginning October 1 in an event called RePablik 2015: Return to Pablik. The name “Pablik” is given to Glan Central Elementary School, now a Special Education Center, to distinguish it from the private school, Notre Dame of Glan.repablik

Another event being highlighted is the livestock auction at the USA-Glan Friendship Marker that runs from October 5-7. It is like a look back on the Tabò, a customary trading activity where sellers bring their livestock at the market for buyers to pick. Prices are usually negotiated between the seller and the buyer. It must be fun to witness it once again in this day and age.

lubi-lubi festival livestock auction

Aside from these events, there are nightly concerts at the town plaza featuring local bands and artists. A band from Manila along with other surprise celebrities are also expected to jazz up the frolic nights of the Lubi-lubi Festival.

Take a Side Trip!

After taking part in the festivities, take a side trip to Gumasa white sand beaches — where SarBay Fest, the biggest beach festival in the Philippines, happens. You might also want to take a walk around the town’s featured old houses. Ask the tourism office if you need tour guides.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go visit the quaint little town of Glan!

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