Visiting the Tbolis of Sitio Kapanal

Last August, my team, Team BUNDOL Mountaineers celebrated our 4th anniversary. Instead of just climbing up famous spots, we decided to visit a community in our province of Sarangani to spend time with the locals and to see how we may be of help to them.

A fellow blogger and peace worker Danny Sabino (Sir Dasuy) has been inviting us to visit one of the communities he is helping. We finally took this chance for our anniversary celebration. Coincidentally, another friend who is helping indigenous communities, was also contemplating of collaborating with us for an outreach program. It felt as if everything was planned that we come together for one common goal.

Everything was set. Team BUNDOL Mountaineers, Hearts and Brains Youth, Social Work students from Cronasia School Foundation, Inc., together with Sir Dasuy, headed to Sitio Kapanal.

Sitio Kapanal is in Barangay Gasi in the municipality of Kiamba, Sarangani Province. It is the first community that Team BUNDOL Mountaineers has visited in the Eastern part of Sarangani.

The drive to Barangay Gasi took us bout two hours. When we reached the river, the driver had a problem crossing the bridge because it seemed too fragile for the  truck. But the driver was also hesitant to cross the river because the current was quite too strong and the water level quite too deep for the truck.

The bridge looked too fragile to support the weight of our truck.
The bridge looked too fragile to support the weight of our truck.
The driver was hesitant to cross the river
The driver was hesitant to cross the river

Finally, we were able to make it through. But that was not the end of our ordeal. The road to Sitio Kapanal was all bumpy and scary. The next hour felt like we were inside a blender.

When we reached the part of the unpaved road that the vehicle can no longer traverse, we divided the load among ourselves and hiked our way to Sitio Kapanal.





Because we have done this several times before, everyone already knew what to do when we arrived at Sitio Kapanal.

Team BUNDOL was in-charge of preparing the food for the kids, HABY volunteers organized child-friendly activities, others spent time with the kids and local leaders.

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The people of Sitio Kapanal belong to the Tboli tribe. They prepared a welcome dance for us when we arrived.

I was so glad to know that those young girls and boys are on their way to finishing high school in the town (there is no high school nearby). Sir Dasuy said that they are helping make sure those kids finish their education and soon be able to help their own community.

Ed chose to celebrate hi birthday with the kids of Sitio Kapanal.


Another good thing to note about our visit to Sitio Kapanal is the desire of everyone to share with the locals. Another friend, Edelito M. Cawit Jr., decided to spend his birthday with the kids instead of spending on a lavish party. He prepared gifts for the kids of Sitio Kapanal.






We enjoyed playing with the kids and knowing their stories.

Team BUNDOL also played a friendly basketball game with the young boys of Sitio Kapanal. We lost the game but we felt like we’ve won because of the happiness we experienced.

After the activity, we shared the simple food we prepared sponsored by one of Team BUNDOL’s partners, Southern Philippines Power Corporation. We also distributed bags from Cong. Manny Pacquiao and Vice-Governor Jinkee Pacquiao.

That was certainly one of our most memorable anniversary celebration.


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