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WE HAVE varied views about social media. Just recently, I was appalled by the statement of a celebrity that what everyone in social networking sites do is only to spread rumors or to bash other people. Well, yes, there are a lot of these kinds of people online, but not everyone does just that. Admit it, at some point, you might have been  irritated when selfies flood our feeds, especially when they’re all by a single user. But then again, there is no denying that the social media is very powerful —  it can create a storm. And there are people who are taking advantage of this power to create a positive change.

Meet Jay Jaboneta of the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. With a single status update, he was able to transform the lives of the people in a community in Zamboanga. His story is in this video:


Today, Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation has helped many communities all over the country. They have even been one of the first groups to respond to the victims of calamities When Yolanda hit the Eastern Visayas, Yellow Boat of Hope has helped the local to get back on their feet by giving them boats, instead of relief goods.

The influence of Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation has reached us here in Sarangani. I once posted a photo of two kids who crosses a river on their way to school. They took off their pants and placed it on their heads to keep them from getting wet.


Some people shared that photo in other social networking sites and groups until it reached Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. Dr. Anton Lim then contacted me about it and asked if I can give them more information about the area and the needs of the children there. With Team BUNDOL Mountaineers, I gathered data from the school head and talked to the locals.

Because of this, Sarangani Funds for Little Kids was born. We also made a video about the project. Here it is:

We are really looking forward to the realization of this project and may this only be the first for Sarangani. In my previous post, I showed how difficult is the situation of the kids in Kiahe, another community in Sarangani.

Last June 28, 2014, we celebrated the best of social media in the Philippines, through the Social Media Day. Organized by Google Business Group General Santos and the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers, and powered by Smart Communications, social media advocates gathered at Shakey’s Function Hall, at SM City GenSan to get updated about the trends in social media, opportunities in social media, and to listen to success stories that started in social media.

poster square

Credible speakers from various fields shared their respective stories.

Chiclet Moscoso-Rillo, SMDay Lead joins three of the Social Media Speakers L-R: Alexis Chua of GBG GenSan (Trends in Social Media), Morgan Garcera of The Morgan Show (Social Media Management), and Mark Aethen Agana of (Social Media and Social Change)
Young entrepreneur and marketing guru Ralph Oliver Layco shares the secrets behind the success of SarBay Fest, the biggest beach festival in Mindanao.
Mark Aethen Agana shows the role of social media in the realization of his organization’s goal of trash-free Manila through
Participants of the Social Media Day GenSan 2014

If you have social media success stories, please share them in the comments section below. Let others know about this post by sharing this in your favorite social networking sites. Thank you!

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