Helping the Kids of Kiahe

Hi, Guys! It’ school time again soon. Students are surely excited to go back to school with their new bags and new sets of school supplies.

Unfortunately, that is not exactly the case for the pupils and students of Kiahe in Kinam, Malapatan, Sarangani Province. They might be excited for school but most of them just can’t afford to buy school supplies.

A friend of mine, Rosilie Nacario LIm has been there and was moved the situation of the kids and the teachers in Kiahe. She decided to help the kids in Kiahe. In celebration of her birthday, she wants to give them school supplies and bags. But there are about 800 kids in Kiahe and she couldn’t provide for all of them. That is why, she is asking for our help.

Team BUNDOL Mountaineers and our partners, SPPC, as well as our mountaineer friends, will help bring the goods to Kiahe. We will also facilitate a Fun Day with the kids and prepare a soup kitchen for them.

If you wish to donate, please contact Rose (0915-842-3477) or visit her shop (Kreativ Boutique at Gaisano Mall GenSan).

If you wish to join the trek, feel free to contact me (0929-497-4674).



Together, let’s help the kids and the teachers of Kiahe!

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