Sweet Orange is Tang’s New Flavor

MINDANAO has a special place in the heart of Tang. That has just proven by the launch of its new product Tang Sweet Orange. image Lawrence Lorico, brand manager of Tang said, “This is available only in Mindanao. Tang Sweet Orange is made especially for Mindanao.” The new endorser of Tang Sweet Orange is no less than GenSan’s own Gerald Anderson who is proud to have been chosen to endorse Tang Sweet Orange. Asked what made him fit to represent Tang Sweet Orange, Gerald replied, “Swak na swak ang personality ko sa new Tang Sweet Orange. I am sweet to my family, friends, and loved ones.” Furthermore, Lorico explained that in Mindanao, people want their orange juice to be a little sweeter than the original Tang. Sweet Orange is a new variant and not a new version of the Tang Orange. The original Tang Orange will still be available in stores nationwide. image Tang Sweet Orange was served by guys wearing this cool astronaut-inspired contraption as juice dispenser. image The packaging of new Tang Sweet Orange claims that it is Mas Lami (Tastier).

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