Join the Alabel Kite Festival 2014

Do you still have no idea what to do this summer? Are you thinking of something that will allow you to develop and show your creativity? Are you thinking about winning a big prize? Why not join the Alabel Kite Festival!

Get ready for the first and  the biggest Kite Festival to ever happen in Alabel, Sarangani Province! Councilor Homer “Goldenboy” Herrera took the initiative to gather kite flyers from all over the country in an event that offers Php 100,000.00 in total prizes.

Alabel Kite Festival

kite fest site

The Kite Festival in Alabel will happen on May 8 (kids and teens) & 9 (adults), 2014 at Goldenboy Farm, Alabel, Sarangani Province.

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Here are the basics:


  1. The contest is open to everyone — whether you are from Luzon, Visayas, or Mindanao. NO REGISTRATION FEE.
  2. The are three categories: Kids (8-12 years old), Teens (13-17 years old), and Adults (18 years old and older).  All participants who are minors must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Only Homemade kites are allowed. Commercial kites will be eligible for the competition.
  4. Participants must bring their kites during the registration which will start at 8:00 AM.
  5. Kites (of course) must fly to qualify for the competition.
  6. The judges decision will be final.


The kites will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • 20% – Steadiness in flight
  • 30% – Construction and Design
  • 50% – Size

So, you see, this is a search for the biggest and best-designed kite that flies!


Here are the prizes at stake:

Adult Category

  • 1st prize – Php 50,000.00
  • 2nd prize – Php 20,000.00
  • 3rd prize – Php 10,000.00

Teens Category

  • 1st prize – Php 5,000.00
  • 2nd prize – Php 2,000.00
  • 3rd prize – Php 1,000.00

Kids Category

  • 1st prize – Trophy + cash gift
  • 2nd prize – Trophy + cash gift
  • 3rd prize – Trophy + cash gift

And Goldenboy Herrera will also be giving away Php 20,ooo.00 worth of consolation prizes.

You still have about one month to prepare for the Kite Festival. Let me share some videos I found online to help you create your kite.

Learn How to Make a Kite

Here is a video that gives you a step-by-step demonstration on making a homemade kite:

You can also read about kite making in My Best Kite blog.

Be inspired

Think of ways for how you can make your kite stand out from the among the rest during the Alabel Kite Festival. Here is a video of kites that have been flown in a kite festival in 2012. Watch this video so you will be better inspired to design your kite like no other.


Guys, this is your chance to show your creativity and skills in kite making and flying and to win big cash prizes. See you at the Alabel Kite Festival 2014!

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