The Undying Filipino Spirit in Games

What’s with betting on “superheroes” in the online world?

Filipinos are generally known throughout the world to have the desirable blend of an easy-going bunch and the ultra-competitive, aggressive heroes who are out to prove that a super typhoon like Yolanda can’t and won’t break their will. This indomitable spirit is reflected in every Filipino; a one-of-a-kind optimism that sometimes tends to be the only saving grace amidst the constant barrage of hardships and pain. It’s no wonder why some these friendly people from Southeast Asia lean on instant gratification to get over any hump.

Like many other countries, the Philippines is known to be an emerging nation when it comes to online gaming and sports betting. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of fate in online casinos, pawning fellow players in the fast-paced world of arcade games, or wagering on a professional athlete or team, Filipinos bask in the glory of competition and the quick rewards of a successful gamble. In a way, it gives them a momentary escape from the real world to become somewhat of a childhood superhero or a cunning gambit outwitting opponents as if their whole life depended on it.



During his “younger” days as a wild in-ring berserker, boxing icon Manny Pacquiao has been known to be a fixture on the green felt, playing his favourite card game; while Filipino World Pool champions like Ronnie Alcano and Dennis Orcollo are regularly seen playing high stakes games inside Manila’s lavish casinos. On the other side of the coin, for mere mortals who are yet to reach the level of financial success of these Filipino athletes, finding solace in the realms of the World Wide Web may be a temporary yet highly valuable ticket to fill an empty void.

People naturally grew up with popular culture somewhat dictating what’s in and what’s out. Athletes, pop stars, and lately, comic book superheroes have been the basis, an inspiration of Filipinos to follow a path towards achieving that elusive nirvana. The likes of Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, and Spider-man have not only invaded the silverscreen with multi-million-dollar flicks, they’ve also been used to attract gamers – especially casino and arcade aficionados – to test their mettle and try their luck on the cyber world. Ironically, these loyal gaming patrons have also had a field day especially when betting on high-profile athletes like the aforementioned Pacquiao. Before his highly-anticipated “comeback” bout against Brandon Rios, Betfair’s resident boxing expert, Alex Steedman favoured Pacman to win by KO/TKO at 1.73.

In the end, the ultimate question is still: besides enjoyment and the possibility of winning “easy money,” what do Filipinos get from betting on these games?

In hindsight, it’s about looking beyond the obvious, the facade of these online games. Yes, there are endless scenarios whenever people play or bet on these games. However, it still boils down to the fact that Filipinos perpetually cling on to every possibility of rising above adversities and become a winner in their own right. It absolutely reflects their fiery attitude, undying optimism and their fun-loving nature when it comes to pushing the boundaries of luck; qualities that truly impress many people across the globe.

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