Sanchez Peak, GenSan’s Highest

Ariel Lalisan

I'm a teacher by profession. When I'm not in the classroom, I'd be in the mountains, exploring the wonderful creation of God. I'm also into photography, writing, filmmaking, song writing, and name-it-i'll-do-it. This blog is a proof that I love everything I do. This blog won the 2015 Blogger of the Year Award by Gobe Media Excellence Award.

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18 Responses

  1. ailen says:

    Hi Sir.. How high is Sanchez Peak?

  2. tonyboy says:

    hello sir, saan po ako magbaba at saan po ang sakayan papuntang balakayo if galing ng davao?

  3. tonyboy says:

    daghang salamat sir !

  4. Yoksek says:

    Nice article sir. We will be going to sanchez peak this saturday. We were wondering if there’s a guide that can take us to amsicong and kalaja?

  5. bullshit says:

    Sir can a 14 year old take this track?

  6. geisha says:

    Good day sir….nakita ko po kc yung post nyo sa sanchez peak balakayo mountain…..ask lang po ako may event po ba kau sa months ng december?……..

  7. jonabanana says:

    From sanchez peak may map guide po ba going to kalaja falls? and is the trail safe for begginers? Though its my second time in sanchez peak.

    • I don’t know if there is a map. If there is map, I haven’t seen it yet. I suggest you go with a guide. Someone who has been there. There is a portion of the trail that’ll be hard for beginners, where you have to crawl sideways on a rock wall.

  8. Antonet says:

    Hi sir, may i know how much was your total expenses for days 1 and 2? We’re planning to go this Sunday.

  9. ritchel says:

    sir may mga tour guides ba na available?

  10. Elcy says:

    Hello po. i would like to ask if meron din bang mga guides na available doon?

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