Are You a Productive Pinoy?

YENG REMULLA is one Productive Pinoy and in his book (and his blog, too) he will teach you how to become one.

His book, entitled Productive Pinoy, which was released today in major bookstores in the Philippines, is a very timely book, and after reading it, I realized that it is a must read for every Pinoy who is dreaming of a better and more meaningful life.

Productive Pinoy Book


I grew up without someone telling me what to do and what to aspire for. My desire to live a kind of life that is positively different from the situation I grew up in is something  that is innate, and this book somehow tells me that I have been doing the right stuff all along. I am happy to read in this book some principles I embrace. I could say, that by the book’s standards, I am one Productive Pinoy.

It is pretty good, however, to feel that someone is concerned about your happiness, success, or fulfillment. That is the kind feeling that the book evoked in me.

In Productive Pinoy, Yeng tells you, like a real friend, those little lessons he learned from his dealings with people as an entrepreneur, a father, and as a person — a Productive Pinoy, that is.  Reading the book feels like you are listening to your father’s wisdom, specifically those that you resist to pay attention to, only to realize later that you missed the significance of those words.

There are two remarkable things about this book:

First, it recognizes the fact that Pinoys, in general, are not avid book readers. We do not have a culture of reading. As my friend puts it, “I feel like yawning,” when I once showed him my mini library of non-fiction paperbacks.

The book is worded in plain English, complete with context clues and elaboration. The ideas are broken down into easily digestible bite-size chunks. There are also clever graphics on chapter dividers.

In other words, it is an easy read.

Secondly, it boosts your morale and develops your self-confidence. If you are wondering why many of your friends are underachievers or end up underemployed, the reason is lack of self-esteem. They underestimate themselves and they dread the world outside their comfort zone.

If you are one fidgeting Pinoy, this book will certainly make you feel a little more confident. It’s a breath of fresh air in this world where everyone seems to put down each other.

You can grab a copy of this book on the shelves of National Bookstore, Fully Booked, Bibliarch, Powerbooks and other major bookstores starting today at P395.00. You may also buy online (with free delivery anywhere in the Philippines) through the Productive Pinoy blog.

You may also get a free copy of this book if you join my “Thank You, Teacher” Blog Writing Contest on The Teacher’s Notebook.

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