Life is Too Short

WHAT IF you’ll die now? Have you ever thought about it? Let’s deal with it because we are all getting there; it is not something someone rich, famous, influential, intelligent, beautiful, good, or well-loved can evade. We will all die eventually.

The crucial question is, are we ready for it?


To answer that question, we have to look back at how we live our lives. From my introspection, I came up with this list of things we all must ponder upon:

1. Life is too short to give up on it. Love life.

There are a lot of people who cannot accept the realities of life and they waste every moment of it pitying themselves. They think that there is nothing they can do about their situations and they live a dull, boring, routine, monotonous lives as if they are only waiting for the grim reaper to fetch them from this world.

There is a wide and wonderful world out there, waiting to be discovered. Travel. There are a lot of mysteries and wonders in life. Learn. There is a vast well of potentials within yourself. Explore your gifts.

Life is too short, but it is also too beautiful to miss.

2. Life is too short to entertain negative thoughts. Think positive.

When I wake up every morning, I thank God that I am still alive. I still have the chance to discover the wonders of life; that I still have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of my students, co-workers, and every person I meet.

There’s a story I’ve read somewhere about a pair of twins who were very different from each other. One Christmas, their dad gave them gifts. One of them opened his gift and found a shiny new bicycle and said, “I’m gonna fall down on this bicycle and I might get cuts on my knees.” The other one opened his gift and found a sack of manure and exclaimed, “Thanks, dad! You gave me a pony!”

Sometimes, we are given more than what we need, but we have never paid gratitude to Someone who gives us everything even without having to ask. Sometimes, we are in better situation than others but we still complain. Isn’t life too short to keep on complaining? A positive action is more worthwhile.

3. Life is too short to make others miserable. Make others happy.

We all have dreams, ambitions, and personal interests. If you have a personal goal, others have theirs, too. Will you keep on pursuing your personal interest when the interest of many others are at stake? Will you continue chasing your own happiness at the expense of others? It’s up to you to answer.

It is hard to sacrifice yourself and it is such a noble act. Not everyone is capable of doing it. Most of us are too proud to allow others to enjoy benefits we can’t. We often use our influence to take it away from them.

Jesus Christ taught in Matthew 5:5, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”

This world is not ours. Why should we attempt to lord over everything and everyone here?

4. Life is too short do things halfheartedly. Give it your all.

I have been labeled a perfectionist. Not just once. I don’t look at it negatively because I believe that I glorify God by striving to attain perfection. It is not that I can really be perfect but to do our best to inch closer to perfection, I think, is a wise thing to do.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. When I decide to do something, I try to manage to come out successful. One of my favorite quotes is this, “Aim for the stars, so that when you fail, at least you will hit the moon. When you aim for the moon, and you fail, you only hit the treetops.”

When you dream, make it big. When you do something, make it your best.

5. Life is too short to live a shallow life. Leave a legacy for others to follow.

What is a shallow life? To me, that is you live and die unnoticed. That’s miserable.

I believe that in this life, we are performers on a stage and God is in the audience. Our task to is please Him. He has set the rules on how to please Him and He allows us to discover them. This is not to say that this is just a make-believe or that we are just pretending as God is too wise to not know what is real.

As we play our roles in this life, others are watching. Others will follow what we do. What kind of person do they see in us? What kind of life do we lead? What example can they get from what they see?

We are all pilgrims in this journey of life, how deep are the footprints you leave on the path for more generations to follow? To which direction do you lead those who might stumble upon your footprints?

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