Blood for Blood (Pangayaw) Book Review

HATRED HAS its way of making you do all sorts of evil things. When you are oppressed, for example, and you hate your oppressor so much, you can only find solace when you have taken revenge. But, of course, nobody wants to end up a loser, do they?

However, when the dust settles you feel some tinge of guilt — except when your revenge is sanctioned by your culture as in the Manobo Tribe of the hinterlands of Davao region in Mindanao, around which the book, Blood for Blood by Pio Gabad Arce revolves. Taglined, Pangayaw: The Right to Kill, the book takes you to a world where the people abides by a law that mirrors the Code of Hamurabi or the Code of Kalantiaw.


Pio Gabad Arce used to be a photojournalist who became a missionary to the tribes after experiencing life in the mountains with the tribes where he saw poverty and realized that he could do something more for them. Telling their story is one good thing he did. Being a missionary to them is another golden work. (Source: Tribal

The book talks about revenge and forgiveness set in the plot of a kid witnessing the brutality of his parents’ death and swearing to live to kill those who did him wrong.

The tale also touches a bit of the dog-eat-dog culture in the real world, where we allow others to be put to harm in the pursuit of our personal desires.

Lastly, it sheds light on how God’s forgiveness leads to the salvation of our souls and how forgiveness towards each other bring about peace in this world of violence and chaos.

I bought the book at OMF Lit at Robinson’s Place GenSan for only Php 175.00Blood for Blood, Pangayaw: The Right to Kill is also available in National Bookstores nationwide.

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